Training Rural Doctors for Rural People

Bill S.289 – Rural Physician Workforce Production Act of 2019 RAP-GME/The Gardner Bill

Legistlation & the GME Initiative

We need your help!  Please consider writing a letter or calling the congressperson in your district in support of the Rural Physician Workforce Production Act of 2019.  The bill support rural GME in three ways:

  • It creates an adequate, alternate payment for resident physician training in rural settings
  • It allows for expansion of training in rural settings and supports rural experiences for residents whose home training program is not in a rural location, and
  • It removes current Medicare cap and payment limitation requirements that make it not financially viable for rural and urban hospitals to expand or create new rural training track residency programs or experiences.

We have a draft letter available that your organization can use to contact your district representatives.  For more detailed information about bill S.289, read that here.  For more information about the GME Initiative, click here.