Training Rural Doctors for Rural People


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Off the Beaten Path: Training, Practice and Life in Rural Wisconsin at Columbus Community Hospital

On Saturday, September 8th, twenty-four medical students and guests from MCW-Milwaukee and UW-SMPH participated in the Off the Beaten Path event in Columbus, WI.  This informational retreat included a tour of a rural healthcare facility, a panel discussion with rural physicians and residents about their practice, a sponsor fair, a presentation by Sarah Klavas from the Wisconsin Department of Tourism, and a hike at Astico Park.  Because of the positive response that we received, WCRGME is looking forward to collaborating to make this an annual event for the medical students in the future.

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What is WCRGME?

The Wisconsin Collaborative for Rural Graduate Medical Education (WCRGME) was established to address the shortage of rural primary care physicians through the expansion of graduate medical education (GME). It is a network of organizations developing and maintaining rural residency rotations, rural training track residency programs, and rural fellowships. Technical assistance, training, networking, and marketing of rural training opportunities are available. It is a program of the Rural Wisconsin Health Cooperative (RWHC) which is supported by a state funded grant through the Wisconsin Rural Physicians Residency Assistance Program (WRPRAP).


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